Son T. Le (Dennis)
Software Engineer

Hello, welcome to my site. Here, you will find a short introduction about me and all the work that I have done.

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About me

I am a software engineer. I have been coding since 2017. Back then, I only love to code but have never thought about a career in the IT industry.

At the time, I was a business operator of a small premium sleepwear store. Over a year, I found that coding is more than a hobby. It is something that I am good at and can do very well. In 2019, I went back to university to study Computer Science degree to strengthen my skill and knowledge. In 2020, I got a job offer from a company in the dairy industry with the help of my tutor. It was just three months before my graduation.

It was a risky but also interesting change from business operator to software engineer. It took lots of courage to go back to the university and make such a career change like that. But after all, I am happy with the change and have been doing very well in my new position.

Why do I sell apps on the App Store?

The decision to sell apps on the App Store is not about making a profit as I do not have enough time to properly manage an app business like that. It is more about getting some extra money to support my learning, researching and developing apps and supporting systems for those apps.

If you are my app user, you can trust it as I have no interest in collecting any of your information for anything except for checking whether my apps are running well on your system.

2020 - Current
Software Engineer
DG Ltd
2017 - Current
Mobile App Developer
SparrowHawk Australia


I have been coding since 2017. Involving in various apps and projects with customers and companies from Australia, the USA, and Vietnam. Prior to that, I have had lots of experience in business operating, customer service and working with overseas suppliers.