User Guide

If you cannot find what you want, please send us an email. We are more than happy to assist you.

From version 1.5 of uBookmark for iOS and version 2.2.1 of uBookmark for macOS, you will see a Backup button in the Setting page (Figure 1) or in Preferences page (Firgure 2).

Figure 1 - Backup Feature - uBookmark iOS
Figure 2 - Backup Feature - uBookmark macOS

In the next few months, we will release a brand new version of uBookmark with new database and sync engine. Due to technical limitations and security reasons, we cannot move your data automatically. That’s why you have to Backup and Import your data manually. The process will take a few seconds or few minutes, depending on your network speed and data size.

To reduce possibilities that you forget to backup your data, we will implement a second layer of data security to automatically backup your data (iOS only). However, we are still recommended that you do it yourself.

To backup your data, you need to go to Settings (Figure 3) then select "Backup" (Figure 4).

Figure 3 - Go to Settings - uBookmark iOS
Figure 4 - Select Backup - uBookmark iOS

To locate the backup file, please open Apple Files app, select "On My iPhone (or iPad)" then open uBookmark folder. You will see the backup file there. (Figure 5 and 6). If you don't see it, which mean that you haven't backed up your data yet.

Figure 5 - Launch The Files App - uBookmark iOS
Figure 6 - Locate Backup File - uBookmark iOS

To backup uBookmark data on macOS, you need to open uBookmark app, click uBookmark menu on the menu bar and then select Preferences (Figure 7). In the Preferences panel, select Backup.

Figure 7 - Select Preferences - uBookmark macOS
Figure 8 - Select Backup - uBookmark macOS

When you select Backup, a Save Panel will appear. Select the destination where you want to save the backup file then click Save.

There are two methods to create a bookmark.
  1. Through Safari extension

    1. Open Safari and go to the website you want to bookmark.
    2. Select the Action button and then select uBookmark extension (Figure 9).
    3. When select uBookmark extension, a new view will appear (Figure 10). Preview all the information then click Done when finished.
    4. Congratulation, you created your first bookmark.
    Figure 9 - uBookmark Extension
    Figure 10 - Create New Bookmark
  2. Within uBookmark app

    This method is a little bit more advanced in term of information extraction. With this method, you will get more information for the site description.

    1. Open uBookmark iOS
    2. Select the collection that you want your new bookmark to be in. Click the “Add” button (Figure 11) and follow the instruction as Figure 12. On iPad, you will have flexibility where you can select the "Add" button directly without selecting a collection. The bookmark will be automatically saved in the "All Bookmarks"
      Example: Assuming that you have a collection named "News". When you select that collection, it will move to another screen that shows all bookmarks inside it. Now select the "Add" button as Figure 11 then follow the instructions.
    3. Make sure that the link you enter starts with "https://" or "http://". However, sites are using HTTP are not secure and we are recommended that you avoid those sites.
    4. Hit Save when you are finished.
    5. Congratulation, you created your first bookmark.
    Figure 11 - Add Bookmark Button
    Figure 12 - Add New Bookmark

Just like iOS version, we still have two methods to create a bookmark in macOS version.
  1. Through Extension

    Safari: When you installed uBookmark, the uBookmark extension for Safari is automatically available for use. If you don't see it, please go to Safari -> Preferences -> Extensions then enable uBookmark Safari (Figure 13). After that, you can start creating a bookmark.

    1. Go to the website you want to bookmark.
    2. Select uBookmark icon (Figure 14).
    3. Review the information then hit Save.
    Figure 13 - Enabling uBookmark Extension - Safari macOS
    Figure 14 - Create New Bookmark - Safari macOS

    Chrome & Firefox: There is a little bit of setup you have to do before you can create a bookmark.

    1. Install uBookmark extension on Chrome or Firefox. You can go to uBookmark home page, scroll down to the bottom to find the links to those extensions.
    2. When everything is done. You will see uBookmark icon appear on the browser's toolbar (Figure 15).
    3. Go to the website you want to bookmark, then click the uBookmark icon.
    4. * Note: Due to security reason, we don't allow a piece of software out site Apple system to interact with uBookmark database directly. That's why you need to enable uBookmark Mini to handle all communication between uBookmark extension for Chrome, Firefox and uBookmark database. If you don't see the uBookmark Mini on the menu bar then please go to uBookmark -> Preferences -> General to enable it.

    Figure 15 - uBookmark Extension - Firefox & Chrome macOS
    Figure 16 - uBookmark Mini on menu bar
  2. Within uBookmark app

    This method is a little bit more advanced in term of information extraction. With this method, you will get more information for the site description.

    1. Open uBookmark macOS
    2. Select "Add" button (Figure 17)
    3. Select a collection you want your bookmark to be in (Figure 17).
    4. Copy a url you want to bookmark
    5. Click the big plus button to create a new bookmark (Figure 17).
    6. Done
    Figure 17 - Create New Bookmark